photo Stephane Hamel Letanguerrant photography
photo Stephane Hamel Letanguerrant photography

The working environment has dramatically changed in the last two decades. The amount of jobs in which we sit at a desk in front of a computer has exponentially increased. We are spending more time in our cars commuting to our jobs. And we are using smart phones and tablets in our free moments.

This modern cocktail of sitting incorrectly for long periods of time in combination with hunching over devices has become the main culprit responsible for neck, back and body pain, as well as deteriorating health. 

Not only is it detrimental to our health as we collapse and constrict ourselves in the chair or over these incredible inventions, but it diminishes our coordination and capabilities when we get up to do things.

The natural ease, poise and lightness we experienced as kids gives way to fatigue and discomfort. Our flexibility is replaced by stiffness and injury. Our inherent coordination gives way to tension & strain.

AlexanderTechLA offers a new, comprehensive approach to how to work. It can identify and dissolve our negative work patterns, restore our psycho-physical buoyancy as well as manage how we use technology.

We can help you:

  • sit at work with less pain and more ease
  • optimally set-up your desk or workstation
  • perform office tasks and chores
  • improve interview, presentation and public speaking skills
  • sit in and drive your carrelieve back pain and body discomfort

These blog posts are dedicated to the Alexander Technique and how it can improve our working experience.


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