Tai Chi Class – Burbank


Wednesdays 8:35a – 9:20a ($7)

R.L. Stevenson Elementary (across from East gate)

Come learn the moving meditation of Tai Chi Chuan in a relaxed, friendly, fun environment. I teach Yang style long form from the Alexander Technique perspective, emphasizing good posture and health.

The class will be ongoing. Join us anytime.

Tai Chi and the Alexander Technique

I’m often asked what types of exercise are “good” when learning Alexander Technique. It’s a little difficult to answer, because Alexander Technique is a ‘pre-technique’ that can be applied to any activity – from walking to acting to skydiving.

However, it is sometimes easier to apply the technique when we slow down movement and/or reduce stimuli. Tai Chi does both, and for this reason, I find this moving meditation a great way to ‘practice’ Alexander Technique.

While Tai Chi consists of actual fighting moves, it also teaches the building block of human movement: transferring weight from one leg to the other:

_DSC5069 copy                 Tai chi lunge2


This mind-body practice had also been proven to have value in treating and preventing many health problems.


507 N. California St. Burbank, CA 91505 (approximate)

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