photo Stephane Hamel Letanguerrant photography
photo Stephane Hamel Letanguerrant photography

Alexander Technique is ideally suited for performers, from actors to musicians to dancers to public speakers, because our bodies are our instrument or vital to playing our instrument.

We often become lost in our art form and therefore blind to how we are using ourselves as we practice, rehearse and perform. We don’t often realize that we are either hurting ourselves to create our performance and/or that our accumulation of negative habits is what is holding us back.

Alexander Technique teaches us to become aware of and subtract these negative patterns from our performing, thus restoring the dynamic coordination, balance & efficiency of the whole body. It’s a tune-up for our instrument that can:

  • Dissolve stage fright
  • Increase our presence, range and power
  • Restore our natural charisma
  • Connect us to muse/character/music
  • Free and expand our breathing
  • Decrease or stop pain
  • Improve our performance

And Alexander Technique is a pre-technique, so it can be applied to all human performing as well as techniques within any discipline.

These blog posts are dedicated to how the Alexander Technique can improve performance.


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