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“Thank you so much Brett for the workshop. We (our group) loved it!! We talked about it
all afternoon. Caroline (the cliff jumping girl) told me that she already feels her back hurts less
with your technique. It’s incredible! So thank you.”

– Damilya Beckman, Fund Manager, Department of Molecular and
Medical Pharmacology at UCLA

 Consulting and Wellness Programs

Mission: to help individuals, workforces & workplaces healthier, happier and more efficient, by offering Alexander Technique worldwide to businesses, organizations, insurance companies as well as individuals.

AlexanderTechConsulting (ATC) can create, tailor and implement Alexander Technique as or part of an effective wellness program for corporations, organizations and insurance programs. The program’s aim is to improve the workforce’s ergonomics, posture and physical activity.
ATC provides Alexander Technique consulting to corporations, businesses, organizations of any size to teach their workforce how to use themselves more efficiently, productively and with less pain.
Our consultants can:
– conduct workshops on basic human use as well as specific movement in the workplace.
– visit individuals at their place of work (desk, car, shipping room, etc.) to show how they can improve their work station ergonomics, posture and completion of tasks.
– provide one-on-one private Alexander lessons for employees.


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Executive Consulting

ATC can dispatch a consultant to teach Alexander Technique one-on-one to an individual in need. The AT Consultant will accompany the Client through his entire day, teaching him how to better use himself in all his activities. The Executive Consulting will be a total Alexander immersion program that will allow individuals to correct habitual misuses of their bodies while continuing to perform in their roles.

This is ideal for high-powered executives, heads of government, A-list actors, etc.


photo Stephane Hamel Letanguerrant photography


photo Stephane Hamel Letanguerrant photography


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