Constructive, Restorative Rest

“Relaxation is too often mistaken for inertia. This is a false conception, and has given rise, in those who do not comprehend its real nature, to the habit of doing things in a semi-lifeless, easy way. Relaxation does not mean acting in a relaxed, lazy manner. It means rest after effort, perfect rest after perfect effort. It implies more than this, for it means conscious transfer of energy from one part of the being to another, with unaffected ease and grace, after an active tension of body or of brain. True relaxation means resigning the body to the law of gravity, the mind to nature, and the entire energy to deep, rhythmic breathing. Complete relaxation of voluntary muscles at once transfers energy to involuntary parts, so that, strictly speaking, there can be no conscious relaxation, except in voluntary muscles and brain. But this is quite sufficient. This transfer of energy produces the requisite equilibrium for renewing physical strength. ”

– The early feminist Genevieve Stebbins from her book Delsarte System of Expression

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