Brett Hershey


Brett Hershey is a full-time, AMSAT certified Alexander Technique (AT) Instructor and Consultant in the Los Angeles area. He discovered AT when debilitating back pain, due in part to sports and dance injuries, but mainly bad postural habits, nearly halted his life in his 20s. In a quest for a cure, he began taking lessons and was amazed at the positive results.

Brett has now been studying AT for over fifteen years, graduating from the three-year (1600 hour) teacher training program at the Alexander Technique Institute of Los Angeles in 2008. He thoroughly enjoys combining AT with Tai Chi & Qi Gong to help students from all walks of life improve posture, reduce pain and increase performance by teaching them how to better use themselves.

Because of his own journey, Brett empathizes with students suffering from back and body pain. He also relates well to those pursuing athletic and artistic dreams, as a former All-American collegiate athlete and professional artist (screenwriter, tango dancer, director). He is the in-house Alexander Instructor at the John Rosenfeld Studios and has worked with notable actors, supermodels, professional dancers, musicians, yoga instructors, athletes, equestrian trainers, editors, moms, etc.

Recently, Brett launched AlexanderTechConsulting, and is bringing AT to companies and organizations. The objective is to train employees in healthy physical work habits, which tends to increase productivity and well-being while decreasing absenteeism and work-related injuries. He is currently teaching faculty and staff weekly at UCLA as part of their wellness program.

He is happily married with two children, dances Argentine Tango whenever he can and occasionally writes for film and television.

photo Stephane Hamel                Letanguerrant photography

photo Stephane Hamel                Letanguerrant photography