Alexander Technique for Acting


An actor’s posture and ease is crucial in the audition room. Brett’s no-nonsense approach will help actors enter the room ready to do their best work.  

– Elizabeth Barnes, Casting Director


Most actors don’t realize that what is holding them back more than anything else is how they are using, carrying, moving themselves. I’ve worked with and taught casting directors, and they’ll tell you that most of the casting is done when the actor walks in the room. Your body IS your instrument and the more excess tension and collapse you are carrying, the less likely you are to get cast. Period.  

– Brett Hershey


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AT is an Actor’s Secret Weapon

Increase your presence, power, charisma and range as an actor. Maximize your genetic range as a human being. Use your body to create organic characters. Learn how to tune-up your instrument and psycho-physical connection for audition and performance. Transform stage fright into stage readiness.


• 1-Hour Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Want to take an in-depth look at how you are using your psycho-physical self? This is the fastest way to become aware of and change your habits, as well as learn to create an increasing range of characters. The lessons include table work, which not only feels great, but accelerates the process.

1-on-1 sessions or up to 3 for a semi-private. Call or email to schedule:

1 Lesson: $100

Series of 5 Lessons: $475 ($25 discount)

Series of 10 Lessons: $900 ($100 discount)

• 30-Minute Audition Prep and Table Turn Privates

Have an audition coming up and want apply the Alexander Technique? Bring your sides and we will break down your character and scene from the Alexander perspective. A great way to rehearse with hands-on work.

Or perhaps you’ve had a stressful week? Or you need to calm your nerves and organize your body and mind?:

1/2 hour lesson: $45


• Location

OM STUDIO  in Burbank, 91505. Near Hollywood Way & Magnolia Blvd.

Contact for specific address. 


• Payment

Cash, check, Venmo (Brett Hershey AT) or via PayPal to:

Please use FRIENDS & FAMILY on Paypal.


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