Alexander Technique at the 36th Australian Dental Congress!


Great Post from an Australian AT Instructor:

Practicing Dentistry Pain-Free, at the 36th Australian Dental Congress

Dr Aniko Ball is a dentist in Melbourne, Australia. Like many others in the dental profession, she gradually developed pain to an extent that interfered with her ability to do the work.

If you are a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant, you may know what this means. Bending over patients and feeling your neck ache. Your back gets sore. What began as a nagging ache becomes a distracting pain.

What can you do?

Dr. Ball found a way out of pain through the Alexander Technique, and will be speaking on this subject at the 36th Australian Dental Congress.

Alexander Technique is a proven method for postural re-training whose effectiveness is evidence based. Published studies on Alexander Technique include:

– A large-scale study published by the British Medical Journal in 2008 on low back pain and the Alexander Technique. Results: 86% less back pain after 24 lessons in the Alexander Technique, alone. See British Medical Journal BMJ 2008;337:a884

A study with pediatric urology surgeons, who are in static postures while doing minimally invasive surgery. Study results show the positive impact of Alexander lessons on surgical fatigue and pain. Presented at the American Urological Society (AUA).

Also for your reference, here is an article on the Alexander Technique in the Journal for the California Dental Hygienists Assn (CDHA).

It truly is possible to work pain free. Posture and efficient use of the musculo-skeletal system is key to feeling well and functioning at your best.

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To your health!