5 Posture Suggestions for Using a Laptop


The laptop is the modern tool of choice for work on the go. While it’s an amazing machine, the proximity of the keyboard to the screen presents a challenge to maintaining good organization through the spine.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Use one book or equivalent to raise the laptop closer to eye level. Every inch counts, especially the longer you sit, and you can still use the keyboard. Perfect for coffee shops:


2) Place Laptop on top of books, shoebox or equivalent to raise the screen closer to eye/head level. Use an external keyboard or mouse. Notice the hands are still a little higher than the elbows. Ideally, the hands and elbows are at the same height:


3) Buy a desk that has levels, so that you can place the laptop closer to eye/head level. Place the keyboard/mouse on the lower level. You can use a firm pillow behind your back for extra support:


4) When sitting on a couch, use a pillow in your lap to bring the laptop up a little higher. If the couch is deep, use a pillow behind your back for support:



5) I find using the laptop in bed a great option. Use several pillows to build a gradual curve. Bending the knees allows the legs to provide support for the torso, neck and back:


Add pillows under the elbows for more support:


If your legs get tired, lay them flat or cross them underneath and use a pillow under the laptop:


Hope that helps. Happy laptopping!